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Why use mamboexpress?

Mamboexpress is the best hosting solution for your Wordpress Blog. You don't have to buy a lot of stuff: why buy 100Gb of web space if you need only 50 Mb? Why buy 100 Gb of monthly transfer if you need only one? You can customize the Web space you need and the banwidht you want. You save money getting only what you really need.

Free Domain name and installation!

Choose a domain name, it will be your for free! Don't worry about wordpress installation, we will do it for you and, of course, it's free!

Install what you want

Do you need a forum? An E-Commerce? Whatever you want can be installed, we give you: MySQL, PostgreSQL, PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgMyAdmin, Apache ASP, Perl, Python, SSI, SSL, CGI and Mod_Perl. Is it enough?

Do you like it?

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Blogging was never so easy!

After one day you will have your Wordpress blog already installed, you have just to log on the admin interface and start to blogging. With FTP Access and MySQL admin interface you can install all the plugins and themes you want. With Webalizer you can see your blog statistics.

Start with a minimum configuration!

You can start with only 10Mb of disk space and 1Gb of monthly transfer and you can change the configuration whenever you like.

Unlimited Email accounts

Yes, it's true! You may use as many addresses as you need.

Any questions?

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